Friday, January 1, 2010

Top 20 From The Decade

My top horror films of the decade. It was so hard to narrow this down and come up with a top 20 but I finally did it. Here goes nothing...don't beat me up.

Number 20: Cabin Fever
I'm pretty sure this was the first film R film I got into by myself. I love how ridiculous it is.

Number 19: Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
Ah Troma, how I love thee. What would this decade be without a Lloyd Kaufman directed Troma film? Watch the behind the scenes film if you have the DVD.

Number 18: Dance of the Dead
This film in a weird way reminds me of a Troma film. I think it's the toxic plant near the graveyard shown in the beginning. I just pretend the high school is Nuke Em High.

Number 17: Dead Silence
I feel silly to admit this but I used to fall asleep to this one almost every night in college. I hated it at first but now I really love it. I get made fun of a lot for liking it. I think it scared me more knowing that all the actors at HHN 08' playing Mary Shaw at the Dead Silence house were men. Weird.

Number 16: Drag Me To Hell
The first time pots and pans have ever scared me. I love the sound design in this film especially in the theater. So loud and great.

Number 15: Ginger Snaps
There needs to be more good werewolf movies.

Number 14: Repo! The Genetic Opera
Love it or Hate it. I love it. I think some of the songs could be a bit better but I couldn't stop watching it once it came out or listening to the music.

Number 13: Inside
I had to cover my eyes quite a few times while watching this one.

Number 12: Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
I show this movie to all of my friends. I love it. I always recommend it.

Number 11: The Devil's Rejects/ House of 1,000 Corpses
I love them both, what can I say.

Number 10: Battle Royale
A bloody good adventure

Number 9: Let the Right One In
The only scene I have a problem with in this one is the CGI cats. That's the only flaw it has.

Number 8: Dawn of the Dead
It makes me sad I never saw this film in theaters. A great remake, probably one of the best dare I say.

Number 7: Lo
Let me tell you something, as soon as this film is released, go see it! It's incredible. I saw Lo at Shriekfest a few months ago and was blown away. The creatures in it are so creative and original. The story is phenominal and so are the actors. As soon as this film is released I'm buying it for all my friends and making them watch it. I cannot recommend it more to a horror fan. Please check it out.
The website for Lo can be found here

Number 6: American Psycho
What a crazy gorgeous man. Classic. I can watch this movie on repeat and never get sick of it.

Number 5: 28 Days Later
The night this film came out our nearby theater over sold the hall that it was being shown in. I remember seeing people jump while sitting on the stairs. The scene in the church still scares the hell out of me.

Number 4: Slither
Yeah, I know it's pretty high up on my list but I can't help loving this film. I remember waiting for it to come out on DVD just to watch it again. It took forever.

Number 3: Shaun of the Dead
Classic. I remember seeing this film after getting out of the hospital. Cheered me up more than anything else.

Number 2: Saw
Talk about a theater experience, I remember seeing this film the day it came out and shaking after I left. No other Saw will ever be as great as this one.

Number 1: Trick R Treat
From the minute I saw the trailer for this film I knew it would be a classic for me. I remember going by myself to see the film because it had sold out so fast at Screamfest in LA in 2008. The audience reaction was great and at the end of the film they had a Q&A for the film. I've never left a movie so excited. If you don't have the coffee table book for this film, get it. It's amazing. My mom liked this film so much that she decorated our lawn like the lawn in the film this year on Halloween. Next year, look out for Sam's appearence on our lawn.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Great list. I've never heard of Lo. Will definitely be checking it out.

Unknown said...

I updated this post with the link to the lo website. The trailer is on there too.

Rhonny Reaper said...

LOVE it! now i wanna watch Dead Silecne again and Dance of the dead (i won the dvd but haven't got to watch it yet)

B-Sol said...

Interesting list, with some unexpected choices. Trick r' Treat is also a pretty damn solid number-one choice! Personally, mine is Let the Right One In, but I can definitely understand why you went with TrT.

Hud said...

I like Dead Silence too - the ending really caught me off guard! Hud

Unknown said...

there are a few on here that I haven't seen.
Lo obviously being one of them. I will check that out.
And as you know TRICK 'R TREAT is a favorite of mine. It made my list of top films of the decade as well...but mine is a huge list of All Films. But if I just narrowed it down to top Horror, it would definitely be #1. :)

Chuck Conry said...

I picked your blog for an award/meme thingy! lol You don't have to do what it says but I wanted you to know about it.

evetssteve said...

Nice list/good read. It's like a little window into your horror filled soul.

Chris H said...

My god, did I love Poultrygeist!

Excellent list!
I would very much like to see Lo soon.

Unknown said...

Chris, the special effects artist that did Poultrygeist did Lo as well so definitely check it out. He is awesome and is my room mate as well. haha

Anonymous said...

your number one is way off. trick or treat was just alright. creepshow was much much better. i just saw Inside last night and it scared the crap outta me. LOVED IT!