Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day of the Dead (2008) Review

Oh where do I begin?

I have honestly tried to watch this movie five times. Every time I watch it I get a little bit farther but it never gets any better. I guess I just want it to be good like the Dawn of the Dead remake. I actually got forty minutes in to it this time. A new record. The movie is an hour and twenty five minutes by the way. How is it so bad you ask? Well I will tell you.

First let's talk about this poster. This never happens in the movie. None of the zombies in this movie throw up so why give it such a bad image from the start? I don't think anyone saw this cover at a rental store and thought, "Oh cool, puking zombies."

Now let's get on with the movie.

This movie has fast zombies like we have seen before but they do these sporadic movements that are just uncalled for. There is a scene in a hospital where a zombie is chasing after a women and grabs onto the ceiling and is crawling upside down super duper fast. This is the only time in the movie when this is done. It's like a weird spider zombie.

The worst dialog in this film is when the mother of the main character in this movie is talking to a private named Bud about her daughter. It goes something like this.

"Does she have a boyfriend?" - Bud
"She's hot huh?" -Mother
"She's so hot" - Bud

Now this is the first scene that they talk so it's not like they know each other or anything.

I think the biggest slap in the face overall for fans of the original is the character of Bud. He is obviously supposed to be like Bub in the original Day of the Dead. Bud gets turned into a zombie about half way through the film. He
ends up not eating people because before he is changed he is a vegetarian. That is the point where I turned off the film.

My advice is to not rent this film and go watch the original instead.