Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things I'm Scared of: Part 1

Since I run a horror blog I thought it would be fun to talk about what scares me. If you're friends with me you'll know that I'm scared of a few things that a lot of people are scared of but some things are more random. Since most of you have never met me, let me tell you a few.


Mostly just the ones at Halloween haunts like Halloween Horror Nights. I think I'm mainly scared of them because they're loud but I also have another theory. When I was a child my mom would play Zombies Ate My Neighbors a lot. In the game there's chainsaw wielding maniacs cutting through hedges. Something that has always stayed with me and freaked me out. I won't lie chainsaws are badass but I hate when they're anywhere close to me.


Sure a lot of people are scared of ghosts and I happen to be one of them. Strangely enough I love watching any ghost show I can. My first memories of being terrified of ghosts was hiding under a blanket watching Unsolved Mysteries as a kid.

War of the Worlds

This may be a different fear than most people. I am extremely scared of this movie. If the reality of this film ever took place I'd probably kill myself. Not only are the aliens in this movie terrifying but Tom Cruise is a crazy crazy man. I wouldn't want to be turned into dust and clothes or get the blood pumped out of me. 

Epcot's Spaceship Earth

It's not so much the ride but the ball itself. Yeah I know it's weird but for a while I had a fear that it was actually going to start rolling. Hey, it could be Disney's secret weapon...but probably not.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Drinking Game: Ernest Scared Stupid

This is by far the best drinking game my roommate, Vince and I have played. It's great for parties or just hanging out with some buddies. No one can really hate this ridiculous movie. Anyways, here's the rules...

Drink Every Time:

Ernest fucks up
Someone says "Rimshot"
You see a doll
Ernest changes character
You see a troll
Bobby Tulip is on screen (he is a scary man)

If you really want to get wasted, drink every time Ernest makes a face. Honestly, that could be a drinking game on it's own.

And one again, drink responsibly

Friday, November 5, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

On October 20th, my friend Andrea and I went to go see the free midnight screening of Paranormal Activity 2. I had won VIP tickets from bloody-disgusting the night before which meant we got to go in first. When we arrived at the Archlight in Hollywood, CA I was surprised at how many people were already in line. They had a DJ playing music that didn't see to appropriate for a horror movie but that was just my opinion. We picked up our tickets and got in line. The VIP line only had 4 people in it so far so we were pretty lucky.  Along with the VIP pass we received a free food voucher for a food truck that came later that night.

Through out the night they gave out free swag including t-shirts, paranormal activity DVDs, travel bags, a tote bag, and posters. They also had food give outs like cupcakes, candy, water and ice cream. We were given wrist bands with numbers for free giveaways for xboxs, ipads, and ipods. Sadly we didn't win any of those.

The highlight of my night before they let us into the theater was someone dressed up as a ghost (just a sheet) popping up randomly and scaring people. It was hilarious. If any one was wathcing the live stream on dread central I'm sure they saw it.

Finally, around 12 AM they let us into the theater and we finally experienced Paranormal Activity 2.

Overall I enjoyed Paranormal Activity 2. I am a fan of the first film even though most of my friends do no like it at all. I also agree that it is scarier than the first. The end I thought was kinda cheesy because you knew exactly what was going to happen with Kate. Anyways, that's my super short review of PA2.

Here are some of the pictures of the swag and food we received throughout the night:

front of shirt
back of shirt
inside the travel bag

Drinking Game: The Gate

So I wrote this segment quite a few years ago.  Why I did not post it, I couldn't tell you. 

Anyways, the second drinking game I had with my roommate was with The Gate. Surprisingly we both got even more intoxicated with this one. Here are the rules...

Drink every time:

You see a hole
Someone says a name
You see a creature
Someone says something inappropriate
Something ridiculous happens

Not as many rules as the first but don't worry, it does the trick. Believe me.

Remember always drink responsibly

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Drinking Game: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Every week my roommate, Vince and I have a horror movie drinking game night so I decided to start posting the rules. Today I will post the first ever drinking game we did for Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. So here goes...

Drink everytime:
Someone says "Gordon"
Someone says "Dead Fuck"
You hear the ch-ch-ch music
You see nudity
Someone is killed
You see Corey Feldman
Chug when you see Crispin Glover dance

The other films we've had drinking games for are The Gate, Ernest Scared Stupid, Troll 2, Little Shop of Horrors, and some other movies I can't think of right now.

"Drink Responsibly"