Friday, November 5, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

On October 20th, my friend Andrea and I went to go see the free midnight screening of Paranormal Activity 2. I had won VIP tickets from bloody-disgusting the night before which meant we got to go in first. When we arrived at the Archlight in Hollywood, CA I was surprised at how many people were already in line. They had a DJ playing music that didn't see to appropriate for a horror movie but that was just my opinion. We picked up our tickets and got in line. The VIP line only had 4 people in it so far so we were pretty lucky.  Along with the VIP pass we received a free food voucher for a food truck that came later that night.

Through out the night they gave out free swag including t-shirts, paranormal activity DVDs, travel bags, a tote bag, and posters. They also had food give outs like cupcakes, candy, water and ice cream. We were given wrist bands with numbers for free giveaways for xboxs, ipads, and ipods. Sadly we didn't win any of those.

The highlight of my night before they let us into the theater was someone dressed up as a ghost (just a sheet) popping up randomly and scaring people. It was hilarious. If any one was wathcing the live stream on dread central I'm sure they saw it.

Finally, around 12 AM they let us into the theater and we finally experienced Paranormal Activity 2.

Overall I enjoyed Paranormal Activity 2. I am a fan of the first film even though most of my friends do no like it at all. I also agree that it is scarier than the first. The end I thought was kinda cheesy because you knew exactly what was going to happen with Kate. Anyways, that's my super short review of PA2.

Here are some of the pictures of the swag and food we received throughout the night:

front of shirt
back of shirt
inside the travel bag


Chris Hallock said...

Just saw this today. Though there was less a surprise element due to the first movie having already established the formula, I still felt a great deal of tension, and I actually liked the story more than the first one.

The teenage daughter was really awesome, I thought.

HD Freak said...

lol you are a crazy fan of this movie.