Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sharks In Venice Review

Sharks In Venice (2008)

Starring Stephen Baldwin.

This film is about David, a te
acher who has to go to Venice because his Dad has disappeared. He finds out how to get to an ancient treasure that has been lost for centuries. The mafia comes after him and kidnaps his girlfriend to force him to get them the treasure. Only thing is the water surrounding the treasure is infested with sharks.

My thoughts:
I'm going to tell you right now there is only one shark in "Sharks In Venice". Why didn't they just call it "There's A Shark In Venice?"

There's a scene in this film where David gets his leg ripped off in a struggle with the shark. In the next scene he's in the hospital and they tell him he's lost a little blood and he'll be fine.
That looks to me like he lost his leg. In this scene they also show the shark breaking through a boat which they never explain.

There's a huge flashback scene in the beginning of this film where David is talking about where the treasure came from. In this scene there are
knights fighting on foot and on horse back. We didn't need to see all of this to get the point of where the treasure came from. They just wasted their budget on useless footage. Knights are cool but not in a film called "Sharks In Venice." I wanted more shark action.

The continuity is so terrible. They use the same footage multiple times and it is very noticeable. The last 30 minutes are so ridiculous they made m
y stomach hurt from laughing so hard.

My advice would be rent it if you're in the mood for a terrible straight-to-dvd movie. It's a lot more enjoyable than most of the sci-fi channel movies out there.
Sorry Mr. Baldwin.


Geof said...

I am a huge shark movie enthusiast and I have this on my list to watch one day. Looks absolutely horrible, so I must see it.

Maweanne said...

Oh it is bad. It is. You'll love it though. It's quite hilarious.