Thursday, July 2, 2009

*Preview* Shutter Island

Leo and Marty team up again, and this time things are getting a bit crazy.

Shutter Island, Due to hit the big screen on October 2nd is a spooky drama set in 1954. Teddy Daniels ( Leonardo DiCaprio ) is a U.S. Marshall investigating the disappearance of an inmate at a Boston crazy-house. The doctors of this asylum treat their patients in unethical and cruel ways. Before long, Teddy has found himself a promising lead on the case, but for some reason the hospital refuses to let him access the records that would allow him to solve it. After a hurricane bitch slaps the island, all communication outside the asylum is lost. We are then wondering not just who, but what happened to patient 67. What follows is a journey into madness in which even the seemingly strong minded Teddy is not immune to.
View the trailer for Shutter Island here:

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