Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Disneyland

So last week I went to Disneyland to ride the new redone Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion. Which are now called Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday. They also have a nighttime fireworks show called Halloween Screams which I didn't get to see.

First up was Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. If you go on this ride expect a big wait in line. We waited 65 minutes just to get on. Outside the ride they play really loud creepy noises which are a little spooky for Disney to be playing but I loved it. Some of the noises sounded like loud whale calls others just ghostly screams. There's also a sign outside the ride that says this ride may be too frightening for small children. At first seeing this I thought "Wow, this is pretty awesome. A ride that's focused on the adult audience. Great!" We got up to the boarding platform and got on. The ride started and we were launched up and that's when the "ghost" appeareed. Yeah...not so scary. When we got inside where the ride takes place the stupid ghost is "climbing" up space. "What the fuck...are you serious?" is all I thought during the whole ride. The ride itself was awesome and super fast. I had never been on the Space Mountain in CA before, only the FL one. The one in FL is half as fast as the CA one. The redone Ghost part however is kind of lame.

Next up was the Haunted Mansion Holiday. I won't lie, I am a total sucker for both the Haunted Mansion and Nightmare before Christmas so having them both together in one ride was like a dream come true. I went on with two of my friends who had already been on it before so they were used to the ride. When I saw the front of the mansion covered with Halloween things I freaked out. I was so excited. There's a hill in the back covered in jack-o-lantern (which I cannot find a picture of anywhere). I was kind of surprised they didn't play the Nightmare before Christmas music outside but instead some kind of weird chime sounds that looped and got annoying after a while. When we got inside the mansion we went inside a huge elevator. Instead of the usual painting on the walls they were replaced with Nightmare ones instead. Like these:
Where the hanging man usually is there is a huge Jack Skellington face that is epic. When you get off the elevator there are a bunch of hanging pictures on the wall that change from Halloween to Christmas themed pictures. Past that is where you get on your "Doom" buggies and this is in the middle where there is usally nothing:

I took a video of the ride which I have put below. The first part is a little dark but the rest is golden. If you go to Disneyland while they have these rides available definitely check out Haunted Mansion Holiday.


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