Monday, August 9, 2010

Live the Fear: Knotts Scary Farm Halloween Haunt

World's Oldest and Largest Halloween Theme Park Attraction
Where: Buena Park, CA in Knotts Berry Farm
When: September 24th - October 31st
How Much: Pre-Sale: $50
Day of Event: $56
Group sale prices also available.

I start my Live the Fear weekly posts with one of California's favorites, Knotts Scary Farm. It's celebrating it's 38th anniversary this year. I went to this event last year with a huge group of friends who I worked with at Disneyland. There were 13 houses, 7 shows, and 3 scare zones. The houses last year included: Lock down: The Asylum, Terror of London, Dia De Los Muertos, Uncle Bobo's Big Top of the Bizzarre, The Labyrinth, Slaughterhouse, Cornstalkers, The Doll Factory, Black Widow's Cavern, Club Blood, Quarantine, Pyromaniax, and Alien Annihilation.
While I was there I got to go into all of the houses except for Pyromaniax and Alien Annihilation. My personal favorites last year were The Doll Factory for the scare aspect. The dolls were extremely creepy. I also recommend Uncle Bob's Big Top of the Bizarre for the fact that it's just a really fun house to go into. The Black Widow's Cavern is actually a ride they transform for the Halloween season. They have character actors and huge spiders jumping out at you through-out this runaway mine car ride. It is so much fun with a big group of friends.  The new houses this year are Sleep Hollow Mountain which is a log flume ride they transformed for this season, Fallout Shelter, Virus Z. The returning houses are Lockdown: The Asylum, Cornstalkers, Terror of London, Dia De Los Muertos, Uncle Bobo's Top of the Bizarre, Slaughterhouse, Labyrinth, Black Widow's Cavern, The Doll Factory, and Club Blood. If you are at Knotts and you'd like to enjoy some alcoholic beverages there's quite a few areas to do so.


The Frog Queen said...

Wow, I do miss that! Probably the biggest thing I miss about living in Southern California. Have not been in ages....maybe again someday. Thanks for sharing.


Voodoo Rob's Hellbilly Hollywood said...

This looks awesome! I had no idea they made it so cool.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Scary Farm! A memeber of my zombie hoard is a slider at other haunts and Scary Farm scouted him out last year.
I one of my fave mazes has been...The Asylum! Loved that one!
Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum

The Halloween Blues said...

I've yet to venture out to Knott's for their Halloween stuff, but every year I'm tempted to go. I always hear mix reviews about it though. However, I think I'm finally going to bite the bullet this year and go to see for myself. I'm going to need several people to drag me into Black Widow's Cavern though. I friggin' hate Black Widows and most spiders with an intense, fiery passion. :(

Lucky's Luna said...

I wish I could go! I'm all the way in IL though! Looks awesome, I love the creepy dolls. I just saw May recently and it makes me want to make dolls, but I think the idea terrifies my boyfriend too much so we'll see, haha.