Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Monster High: Freaky Fusions

Recently announced at Toy Fair 2014 was a new Monster High line called "Freaky Fusion"
They're all pretty unique and sets up a new movie that will be released where they apparently go back in time.

Lagoonafire (Lagoona Blue/ Jinafire)

Neighthan Rot (Zombie/ Unicorn)

Dracubecca (Draculara/ Robecca Steam)

Cleolei (Cleo De Nil/ Toralei)

Clauvenus (Clawdeen Wolf/ Venus McFlytrap)

There's also a few more coming out with the line that are pictured here along with the movie:
They include Iris Clops, Manny Taur, Invisi Billy, and Wydonna Spider, and some kind of witch girl.


MoreThanHorror said...

Nice post. A movie, really? Can't expect it to be good what do ever. But iDO expect it to bring in a fortune. Hollywood knows how to make the money. :)

Maryanne Schultz said...

They've actually released a few movies for the toy line. They're all animated though.