Friday, January 8, 2010

Ghostly Bloggings: Ghost Adventures

Part 1 of the ghost show blogs I am doing in the near future. Even if you don't believe these shows are real I still love them for the entertainment value.

Ghost Adventures

Ghost adventures started as an independent documentary shown on the Sci Fi channel in 2007 but was originally filmed back in 2004. They were picked up by the Travel Channel as a reality show and their first episode aired in 2008. It is now on it's third season. The show follows 3 investigators (Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, and Nick Groff) who are locked in a haunted location for 12 hours with only themselves and their equiptment. The first 30 minutes of the episode is usually made up of interviews and history of the location. The second half is the crew investigating the location. The difference between this show and most paranormal shows is that the team (especially Zak) usually taunt the spirits to the extreme. Ocassionally, they try to recreate tragic moments in the location's history that will cause a reaction.

My first thoughts of this show were negative. I really couldn't stand the main guy, Zak. I thought he was kind of a tool but after watching all of the episodes streaming on netflix I really got hooked in. Aaron is hilarious. There's so many moments that really creeped me out while watching this late at night. Each season gets better. Along with it being creepy there are many moments that are ridiculous and silly. I've seen all of the first and second season and most of the third.

All the episodes of Season 1 & 2 are streaming for free on netflix. Check them out.

The scariest episode in my opinion right now is:
Season 3: Ohio State Reformatory

The trailer for the original documentary

(yeah I know the old women in it is scary)

Some Funny Moments of Season 3

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