Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top 10 of the last 10

Since I haven't been around in a while I thought the best way to kickstart the new decade would be to remember the last one. So without furthur ado, here is my list for the top horror films of the last decade:

10. The Others

A little on the boring side? Yea. A little long? Probably. One of the best twists in movie history? No-fucking-doubt.

9. The Host

If i wasn't on the lookout for Japanese creature features before this, than I can assure you that I wont make that mistake again. From the point the monster comes out of the water to the ending credits, this movie had me.

8. Let the Right One In

This is what happens when a vampire movie is done the right way.

7. Rec

Better than the American remake by a longshot, and I'm not one of those people who automatically say that. This is one of the few movies that made the camera-in-hand style work, and it did it to an art. I am very excited to hear of a sequel in the works.

6. Hostel

This is a movie that is either Hate or Love for most people ( capitalization intended ). Obviously you can see what side of the fence I'm on. I loved this movie because it used a traditional 3 act story, and did it well. You may have hated all three lead characters, but at the end, one of them has redeeming qualities - and you end up rooting for him. Which is huge in a movie where people are being tortured. However, I will say that Hostel 2 would make my worst of the decade list if I had one.

5. Teeth

Killer pussy? Count me in! I'm not sure if the creator of this little film should be shot or praised. This is a genuinly fucked up movie. This film is disgusting and hilarious at the same time, and for that I praise it. Will it do for sex what Jaws did for swimming? Probably not.

4. Frailty

This features both an amazing piece of work by Director Bill Paxton, and a movie featuring Matthew Mcconaughey that doesn't make me want to vomit all over myself. Well done.

3. Orphan

Orphan puts a twist on the creepy child genre that I absolutely hate. Despite a few flaws, this is a movie from 2009 that you should not miss. Isabelle Fuhrman is brilliant in her role as Esther.

2. Drag Me to Hell

Proved to me and everyone else that Sam Raimi has not lost his horror touch, if he ever had to prove it at all. Both my favorite horror of 2009 and most underrated of the year.

1. The Ring

Say what you want about The Ring, but there is no other horror movie that actually had me clenching the arm rests of my seat. There was no more successful or terrifying movie of the last decade. I was genuinly squirming in my seat when she came out of the T.V. at the end. One of the best movie theater experiences I've ever had. It was also better than the original, Ringu.
Honorable Mention: Dawn of the Dead


Caleb A said...

I'm confused, did someone else do the Top 20 or how are these so vastly different?

Maweanne said...

Steve did this one and I did the top 20.

Rabid Fox said...

Great list. Glad to see The Others and Frailty got mentions, as I count them as two of the better movies of the decade.

evetssteve said...

Thanks Rabid. I encourage others to leave a list of some of their favorites as well as leave their opinions on some of mine.